Registrations are now open for the Second Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Protest

To register your participation, please use the following link:

Please note that deadlines for abstracts has been extended to the 28th February 2014. To submit your proposal, please send an email and an abstract (300-500 words) to

Format requirements are available at

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Deadline Extended

Many thanks for all of the submissions already received. Following a number of requests we are pleased to announce that we have extended the submission deadline for the 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Movements to the 28th February 2014. To submit your proposal, please send an email and an abstract (300-500 words) to

The conference features two keynote speakers, Professor Bert Klandermans (VU University Amsterdam) and Professor Jane Wills (Queen Mary University), both of whom are recognised as world leading experts in social protest and political behaviour.

The conference, sponsored by the Social Psychology Section of the BPS and the Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust, is held at the University of Kent in the beautiful city of Canterbury on the 28th and 29th of March.

The conference will also host the official launch the Interdisciplinary Network for Social Protest Research (INSPR).

Updates, further details and full submission details:

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Second Keynote Speaker Announced

Second Keynote Speaker for the Second Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Protest 2014

We are delighted to announce our second keynote speaker, Professor Jane Wills (Queen Mary University). Professor Wills is an expert in social geography, her work is based at the intersection between geography, sociology and political sciences. She is particularly recognised for her work on the ‘living wage campaign’, ‘low wage working in London’ and the geography of community and political organisation.

We would also like to remind you that the submission deadline for the Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Movements is Friday 14th February 2014.

See below further information and submission details.

For updates about the conference, please visit

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Call for Proposals: Theory, Action, and Impact of Social Protest 2014

Following the success of the first Theory Action & Impact of Social Protest (TAISP), we are pleased to invite you to the 2nd Interdisciplinary Social Movements Conference at the University of Kent, Canterbury – UK. The conference will be held on March 28th-29th, 2014, with a Keynote address from Professor Bert Klandermans (VU University Amsterdam).

Professor Klandermans is a world leading expert on social movements and social protest. He has published extensively on the social psychology and sociology of social participation to political action. His work falls at intersection of different disciplines, and uses a vast array of methodologies. He is currently professor of Applied Psychology at the Vu University Amsterdam.

Recently, social movements have played an important role in political debates across the globe. The media has paid great attention to this phenomenon and these movements have, in some cases, shaped the political, social and economic climate not only of the country in which they originated but also in others around the world.

From an academic point of view, the study of political mobilization is subject to an extraordinary predisposition to cross-disciplinary fertilization. Our understanding of the phenomena is subordinate to our capacity to build theoretical paths among the different disciplines.

Building on the achievements of the last TAISP conference, the aim of this meeting is to explore social movements from a variety of academic lenses and to further develop links between disciplines on the study.  We seek a broad range of contributions, including (but not limited to); sociology, law, psychology, politics, economics, cultural studies, history, geography, philosophy, literature, and film studies.

Proposals will be selected on the basis of their academic merit. Lines of research that interrogate different perspectives will be prioritised, although work conducted within the boundary of a single discipline is suitable for TAISP. Topics may include:

  • Past and present collective actions
  • Social and political theory
  • Motivation, mobilization, or outcomes
  • Methodology
  • Macro- and micro- processes
  • Art in and from protest
  • Legal or economic implications and considerations
  • Other related topics

The conference will be an opportunity to officially launch the Interdisciplinary Network for Social Protest Research (INSPR). This new network aims to connect scholars across fields and countries and to link research on social movements and related topics conducted in the different branches of social science and humanities. The network will also provide a platform to organize future conferences, attract funds and diffuse information about social movements research.


To submit your proposal, please send an email to Deadline for submissions of presentations, poster or symposia is February 14th 2014

Oral Presentations and Posters

For oral presentations and posters, submission material should include:

  • A clear and concise title.
  • An abstract [300-500 words]. The abstract must clearly describe the theoretical background and the scope of the research. Empirical contributions must include specific details about the methodology and the conclusion.
  • 4 to 5 keywords.

For each author please clearly indicate name, academic affiliation (including University and Department) and email address.


Symposia must include between 4-6 presentations, or 4/5 presentations and 1 discussant.

The chair of the symposium must submit an abstract indicating the overall goals of the symposium and highlighting the specific theme of the talks.  The submission should also include an abstract for each presentation.

It is recommended that, if possible, symposia include presentations from a variety of academic backgrounds.

The abstract for the symposium must include:

  • Title of the symposium.
  • Abstract [max 600 words].
  • 4 to 5 keywords.

Please, clearly indicate name, academic affiliation (including University and Department) and email address of the chair and co-chair (if relevant) of the symposium.

Abstracts for the single talks must be prepared following the guidelines for Oral Presentation described above.

If the proposed symposium is not accepted the talks will be assessed and may still be included in the general program of the conference.


The conference is sponsored by the British Psychological Society – Social Psychology Section ( and Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn trust (

Registration Fees

There is a registration fee for participants and attendees:

  • Speakers and Attendees – £15
  • BPS-Social Psychology Concession – £5
  • Postgraduate Students – free

Registration online will open in 17th February 2014. Please note that places are limited.

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Updated Conference Program.  Hopefully all the errors have now been fixed.

Conference Program

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Registering for the conference

Registration for the conference will take place on October 13th, from 10am to 12noon at the Darwin foyer.  For students there is no registration fee.  For all salaried staff there is a fee of 10 pounds, to be paid in cash.  A receipt and official participation letter will be provided during registration.   

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Conference Program!

The Conference Program is here, but be advised that this is just a draft and is subject to change

For more update about TAISP conference follow

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Map of hotels and bus routes

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Submission Deadline Ends

Thank you all to those who submitted. We have had an large number of submissions from a wide range of disciplines and countries.   This conference looks to be as international as it is interdisciplinary. For those of you who have not had a response from us, we will contact you in the next few days.

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Overview of the Conference


Download the overview of the conference here.  It includes information on travel, accommodation, keynote speakers and a basic schedule.

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